❝ The moment before we meet

Droplets of water clung to the glass, replacing the emptiness it felt from where her fingertips had lifted. Between the clear bands of the otherwise foggy window, she watched as the streetlights blinked at the passing cars.

Light. Dark. Light. Dark. The moments in between each streetlight replaced the seconds on the watch that ticked away on his wrist. She tried to count the people that they passed but it was all a blur.

It was his staggered breath that clouded her vision because she was sure, as she again swiped her fingers across the glass, that she had stopped breathing a long time ago.

She would miss the way they kissed. 

It wasn’t when their lips met that she felt the fireworks. No, that was just an afterthought. The real kiss, her heart hitched in her chest just thinking of it, was the moment right before they met. 

It was the hesitation that sat in between the two. The broken air that he searched through to find something in her eyes before he leaned in a inch closer. It was the air disappearing from in front her as she drew in a weak breath and closed the gap.

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